The Power of Choice

The power of choice is something that has the potential to leave a deep impact on your life. It is the start of a new beginning. It is the turn of time. It is the mark of progress. And it is quite an influential move on whichever aspect that you are making the choice for.

Many people are unaware or ignore the power of choice in their daily life, or their entire way of living, for that matter.

The impact of choice is likened to setting out on a journey in the high seas. Doing what you do with conscious choice is like travelling on a ship with sails and a helm, you control your direction of progress. Doing what you do without any choice made is like travelling on a ship without any sail, helm or any navigation tool, you will be stranded and lost.

Below we take a look at some significant positive impact that making a choice has on us.

Instant Empowerment

Once you made a choice in any situation, you grab hold of your prerogative to exercise control over your destiny. This is huge because this move switches on your subconscious mind towards the situation and locks in your mental perception that you are gaining control of the situation. This is as opposed to someone who does not decide to choose because that person would be inevitably be handling the situation aimlessly or worse, living the choice made by others.

Clear Goal

The benefit of making a choice is that you set up your choice to be the goal, or at least the starting milestone for you to work towards. A person who chooses to get a salary raise will at least know what he or she wants. A person who chooses to lead a healthier life can picture the kind of lifestyle that he or she desires. Choice gives us a pragmatic, practical and progressive structure so that we can work towards the end goal that we make of in our choice.


Choosing your own path and course of actions automatically gives you a reason and target board to focus on. It becomes easier to overcome, dispel, reject or resist any temptations, distractions or obstacles along the way. You can always turn back to your choice made and remind yourself to keep your eyes and energy on the prize. Focus is huge when it comes to achieving what you want in your actions because it allows you to channel more of your available attention into what really matters to you, based on your choice made.


Making a choice takes mental, emotional and physical commitment. It is an instrumental move that helps you consciously and subconsciously place more attention, energy, effort, time and resources into materializing your choice. Each time you think about your choice, tell others about your choice, act because of your choice, feel emotions due to your choice or form habits due to your choice, you reinforce your choice. You also reinforce your discipline, perseverance and commitment towards your chosen path of action. The resultant effect on your desired outcome can be surprisingly positive if you stay true and consistent to your choice.

Acceptance of Outcome

It is easier to live with the outcome, be it good or bad, if you made the choice yourself, in the first place. It helps when the going gets tough and you face one wave of setback after another. Taking comfort that the consequence is due to what you had control in, your choices, helps you accept it and get over the down time faster or less painfully. Having made the conscious choice yourself in the first place, it also gives you hope that your course of destiny could be altered, should you make a different choice if the crossroad should arise again in the future.


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