Step-by-Step Plan To Stop Negative Thinking In The New Year

You just had a fantastic celebration party for the New Year. Loads of fun, laughter and high spirits to start the year. Now the year lies ahead of you and you’ve got the challenge of carrying forward that lively enthusiasm of your New Year celebration into actually living your life with such a positive demeanor.

This may be an uphill task, especially when negative thinking kicks-in as the setbacks come along the way. Fret not because everyone have their up and down days. The key is to take action to prepare and protect yourself from that dreaded negative thinking whirlpool. You have control if you follow this step-by-step plan to stop negative thinking.

1) Be Proactive
Many negative thinking spells occur when you encounter circumstances that allow those self-defeating thoughts to creep in. Like how we keep cockroaches out of the house by proactively putting out the trash regularly, we can take proactive measures to keep out those negativity. All it takes is to reflect on the past instances when you experience negative thinking and identify the triggers. Learn to understand how your own negative thinking start and try to find ways to nip the problem at the bud in the future.

2) Be Realistic
Negative thinking can stem from a feeling of not meeting expectations, either from yourself or others. A surefire way to spiral into negative thinking is to assume crazy-high expectations which you know are not possible for you to attain within your normal ability. Be realistic when you set goals or targets for yourself. Be realistic in accepting expectations that others have on you. Sometimes others may set unfairly steep goals for you, you have the final right to refuse them. Keep only realistic expectations. When you begin reaching or exceeding the more realistic expectations, you will feel a lot better and less likely to be all that negative.

3) Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
The world is tough enough out there, you don’t need to join the bandwagon of bashing yourself up for every little thing. One of the reasons why kids are generally more positive than adults is that they never take things too hard. One toddler may run, bump over and the next moment you might find him laughing out loud. Dropping the hard-handed stance against yourself would significantly lower the pressure you feel and therefore lower the chances for your negative thinking to boil over.

4) Don’t Compare
The world of social media is cool and satisfies the inner voyeur in some people. However, browsing the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles, one can be misled that the beautiful vacations, impeccable OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day), awesome couple romance photographs and lives are the normal standard of living. Most people put their best photographs and stories in their posts but when you keep comparing with those posts, you might not take it too well. While it is fun to admire from a distance what friends are doing, respect that everyone lives their own life. In no way is your way of life less glamorous, less worthy or less precious than others on the social media feeds. Stop comparing and you can keep negative thinking at bay.

5) Hope For the Best and Prepare For the Worst
We all want things to go smoothly but in life, shit happens. Some of the most positive people will tell you that they learnt (sometimes the hard way) that you can’t really control 100% of the results in life and they are fine with that. All you can do to have a good bit of control would be to put in the necessary effort, hope for the best and always make preparation for the worst outcome. If you have done that, it makes negative thinking pretty much redundant, don’t you think so?

6) Learn to Be Grateful
Being grateful with who you are, what you have and the life that you are living is perhaps one of the more powerful actions you can take for your own well-being. For a start, being alive is a big reason to be contented with. It means there are endless possibilities each day you wake up. Everything else you have, whether broken or less than ideal, is still a bonus because there are people out there without the bare minimal. All that negativity, self doubt, complaints and frustration can be dissolved if you learn to be thankful for your current life.

7) Have Faith
One of the brewing grounds for negative thinking is during times of setback and failure. It take some mental strength to hang in there until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Having faith in yourself and believing that your efforts will eventually see you through all the thick and thin, are surely a morale booster. Having faith that things will fall in place helps to bust any attempts of negative thinking and keep you focused on the challenges. Besides, no one ever achieved success from negative thinking, right?