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Achieve Time Freedom

  • Easy to read

  • Simple to act

  • Re-readable

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This E-book contains tons of concise and powerful declarations that may change your life

The timeless, limitless and priceless words of wisdom strengthen you in the following aspects ...

  • Power of Declarations

    Learn powerful & life-changing words. Stay on top of your time management by putting words into action. 100 declarations in total to help ignite your start to time freedom.

  • Taking Ownership

    Learn to maximize your time each day and eliminate procrastination. Empower yourself to take charge of your time.

  • Faith

    Learn to have faith in your own time management. Overcome procrastination with proactive planning and constant action.

  • Prioritization

    Learn to rank the importance of your tasks and commitment. Learn to clear the necessary and drop the redundant.

  • Discipline

    Learn to cultivate good time habits. Learn to manage yourself with discipline before you manage time.

  • Positivity

    Learn to approach life with positivity. Learn to welcome your full ability to run your life effectively. Positive perspective turns around your experience.

  • Beautiful Photography

    Enjoy the beauty. Relax your mind. Focus on your declarations.

  • Device-friendly

    PDF format is easily downloadable to your smart phones or mobile devices like tablets.

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    "After reading this Ebook, i realise the areas i had to work on is more than just time management skills. It was a kick in my butt and a fortunate realization. Thanks to the simple and useful words, i got started on changing my bad habits that were sapping my time away. Thank you!"


    "Right to the point. Brutally honest. Powerful calls-to-action. I am already seeing big changes to my time usage because this Ebook exposed all my atrocious procrastination ways. I feel silly if i still don't act on my weakness after learning that much from this Ebook. Highly recommended!"


    "I've learnt more empowering advice and wisdom from this Ebook than i have from the few 150+ page-books i had in the past about time management. No superfluous jargons or confusing long chapters. Just palatable, thought-provoking and earnest declarations to set me thinking and acting. Exceeded my expectations!"

    Get My CopyPDF Download