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Vision: To Inspire & Impact the World to Live a Happy & Fulfilling Life.

Mission: To Provide Quality Education & Support for Achieving Happiness and Fulfilment.


The name of this website is coined because happiness really is something very unique, very personal and, to some, mind boggling or challenging.

The first word “My” refers to you, the reader. This site truely is created with you in mind and aim to help you as much as possible to have an enriching and empowering journey of living a happy and fulfiling life ahead.

The second word “Happy” is the center of the phrase, which signifies happiness as the crux and focus of your life. With happiness having huge and long-lasting impact on your life, this is a reminder for you to place a corresponding emphasis on nurturing it in your life.

The third word “FEAT” is chosen because being happy is a big deal to everyone and a big feat for many people to accomplish. The bold capital letters of FEAT represents 4 big areas of freedom that contribute to leading a happy and fulfiling life. Together my Happy FEAT stands for:

Happiness – A big part of our pursuit for a meaningful and fulfilling life stems from finding happiness.

Financial Freedom – Improving financial well-being allows you to take care of basic needs and focus on living life happily.

Emotional Freedom – Liberating from emotional baggage is one of the key intrinsic factors that help you find happiness.

Action Freedom – Being able to take fruitful action and be at your full potential contributes to your happiness.

Time Freedom – Stop being a slave to the turns of the clock and start mastering your use of time in your life to live happily.

As you can see from the categories that my Happy FEAT entails, we really aim to provide you with a comprehensive range of articles, materials and content to help you achieve happiness by enhancing your life through these above mentioned areas. So come on in and we’ll lead the way. An orientation for you on where to start looking …


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(a) Happiness 107

Attain real happiness through reconnecting with your true self.

(b) Financial Freedom 107

Be able to gain, grow and guard your money so that you can live more more comfortably.

(c) Emotional Freedom 107

Live a more relaxed and free life when you begin liberating your emotional baggage.

(d) Action Freedom 107

Learn practical tips to boost your ability to take actions and accomplish more.

(e) Time Freedom 107

Find out ways to improve your time management and take charge of your life.

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(a) Happiness

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