7 Keys To Bring Out The Positive You

Everyone has potential to succeed in life. But to fulfill that potential, you will need to plan, prepare, progress and persevere. Much of these wisdom start from the basics of survival and carving your unique life.

To survive, you feed your body with nutritious food. To carve your own way of life, you feed your mind with mental food. Mental food aids in mental fitness too. Your mental diet has a profound effect on your personality traits, your character and ultimately, your destiny.

So what do we mean by mental diet? What sort of mental diet is beneficial and what is detrimental for us?

Essentially, mental diet is what you immerse your mind in all the time. When you often immerse your mind with positivity, such as positive affirmations, information, books, conversations, audio programs, thoughts, peers or environment, you tend to develop a brighter attitude and personality.

Outcome? You have a higher probability of becoming more well-liked, influential and persuasive. You enjoy more confidence and better self-esteem.

Like computer geeks would say, “G.I.G.O.” or “Garbage in, Garbage out.” But the reverse is also true, “Good in, Good out.”

Make a clear and committed decision that you will take control of your mind, remove negative emotions and thoughts and become a more positive person. You will realise that you can actually bring out the inner positive and impactful person in you.

Mental fitness is like physical fitness. The more you undergo physical training, the more you exercise those muscles, the more physically fit you become. Similarly, if you want to be mentally fit, you have to train and practise your mental prowess.

Combine good mental food and consistent mental fitness training, you are on your way to being a more positive person. Here are 7 keys to bring out that positive you:

1) Positive Self-Talk

Your mind is like a garden. If you spend time, effort and conscious deliberation in nurturing it, your mind will flourish like a garden with beautiful flora. Conversely, if you do not do your due labour in taking care, your mind would be an awful place, like a garden destroyed by weeds that grow rampantly.

Everyday, without even realizing it, our brain constantly talks to ourselves. Our thoughts, opinions and perceptions are just what we talk to ourselves in the brain. Speak to yourself positively; engaging in positive self-talk helps you to create a positive inner dialogue. The key is to use positive or constructive words / synonyms / key terms / phrases in all our self-talk in the brain.

Be positive, present, and personal in your self-talk.

“I love myself!”

“I can do it!”

“I feel fabulous!”

“I am responsible!”

I take charge of my life!”

Try reciting the above 4 sentences! Read aloud in a quiet place to yourself. Read with energy and conviction. Feel the emotions, vibes and groundedness. Simple gestures like such gets you instantly in the zone for a more positive frame of mind.

We believe that a whopping 95% of your emotions are affected by your self-talk throughout the course of a day.

So, do you choose to self-talk in a positive and constructive way, to create a positive mindset, or do you choose to self-talk in a negative and destructive manner, to create an unhappy and anxiety-filled mindset?


2) Positive Mental Picture

Like they say, to change the visible, you have to change the invisible.

One little known yet highly powerful technique that you can tap on is the ability to visualize and see your goals as already accomplished.

Settle in a calm and comfortable place. Imagine as clearly and vividly as you can the exciting mental picture of your goal, your ideal life, your happy emotions associated with completing your desired outcome.

Feel and immerse yourself in this moment.

Remember this feeling. Remember the thoughts and energy.

Replay this picture in your mind over a second time, remembering each smallest detail. Immerse in the experience. Now repeat this picture again, over and over until you remember pretty well.

Do this again the next day, every day … until it becomes really familiar and natural.

All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures and mental visualizations. Your mental image is your perceived reality, if you do it long and good enough. The more you “see” yourself achieving goals from your inner self, the more you will “be” that successful achiever on your outer self.

3) Positive Circle

It is open secret that the top successful people would consciously maintain a social circle of quality influence. They say your level of success is an average of the 5 closest people you spend most time with.

Your choice of the people with whom you interact, live, work, and associate with will have an enormous influence on your level of success. Make a committed decision right now to seek out the positive and growth-encouraging people, the happy and optimistic people, as well as the successful and leading mentors.

Remove or avoid negative people as much as you can. Negative people are the abyss of energy-draining encounters. Take extra effort to lead your life free from unnecessary stressful or negative people.

4) Positive Mental Food

A healthy body needs nourishment from nutritious food. A healthy mind needs nourishment from enriching mental food. Likened to the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, great mental food are great educational reads that are inspirational, motivational, enriching and helpful.

Feed your mind with information and ideas that are uplifting and that make you feel happy and more confident about yourself and your world.

Invest in courses that teach you how to become better, feel better and live better. Feed your mind constantly with positive lessons and words that aid you to improve as a person. When browsing the news or websites, look for self-help sections, personal development or motivational reads.

5) Positive Education and Training

With the exception of the fortunate people who are born into royal families or rich families, the bulk of the world begin their infant life with limited or no resources that would prepare them for what they might choose to embark on in their adulthood. The success of anyone, in any field, at any age, under such beginnings, most likely have to come from the exchange of personal effort, services, or adding value of some kind to other people (or companies) in exchange for the merits of the reward.

All the people in the top echelon of their fields were once at the bottom. Some made it there in one upward climb. Others took the longer and bumpier route. Sometimes, the route is even punctuated by hard crashes before they found the destination of success.

The beauty of lifelong learning and training for your personal development is that you change yourself and hence your destiny as a person. It takes you from rags to riches, if you invest enough time, effort, money and discipline to it.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune – Jim Rohn could not have put it more succinctly and wisely than that.

Commit yourself to seek out education and training for your personal development, such as reading articles like this, taking courses of personal development, learning from mentors and put what you learn to immediate practice in your life. Your reward will show more and more as you internalize these lessons. Take complete control of your life now and in a few years’ time, you will see yourself attain a higher level of excellence in life.

6) Positive Health Habits

Physical health and wellness is a whole life’s work. Having a healthy body helps you to focus on the things that matter in life. Your body is your first, your final and only asset to turn to when you are stripped away from your possessions during setbacks, failures or turmoil. It is therefore super important for you to treat your best asset well.

Some of the reasons that cause us to have more negative emotions are poor diet, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle and overworking. If you seek positiveness, you need to seek a balance in your life.

If you want to lead a positive life, you ought to pay attention to your body too. Having a body that is well and good makes everything more manageable. A healthy body lets you do anything with more energy, attention and efficiency. Decide that you are going to live til a ripe old age and still be able to enjoy life. That way, positiveness can shine through you more naturally and easily.

Follow a diet rich in a variety of nutritious foods, have them sparingly and in right proportions. A good diet need not necessarily be boring or bland. Look around and you can find many great foods and recipes that excite your taste buds as much as they inject vigour in your body. Eating right will have an instant, positive boost on your body, performance, thoughts and feelings too!

Spend at least 30 minutes a day being active and mobile. At the minimum, you can take a stroll after your meal, do some household cleaning, walk to a new restaurant further down the street during lunch time or choose the stairs for your next visit to the subway etc. If you could just notice, there are many chances in a day to move a little more.

Apart from daily lifestyle, resolve to do some form of exercise each week, such as playing a sport, walking, running, swimming, bicycling, or working out on equipment in the gym. When you exercise regularly, your levels of “happiness hormones” will become higher and make you feel happier and more contented. With it, you also begin to unwind your stress and fatigue better.

Finally, do not “burn that mid-night oil” too often because your body needs ample rest and relaxation to be at its best. Your body will reward you handsomely the following day with increased productivity and positive energy once you give it a good rest after a day’s work.

7) Positive Expectations

Whatever you put your mind to, you will focus on it. Whatever you can perceive, you can achieve. Whatever you deem as normal and acceptable, you will find possible ways to reach the outcome.

Practise the Law of Attraction. Think more of what you desire. Visualize more of what you want. Speak more of what you believe. Learn more of what helps you. Do more of what propels you.

Being in charge of your own positive expectations has the most powerful impact on how you can become a positive person with positive outcomes and better results in your life. Hold on to only expectations that are beneficial, growth-inducing, constructive and positive. Your expectations will become your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whatever you expect, with confidence and self-belief, will ultimately come into your life. Begin to control your expectations and you will set in motion a powerful motor that drives and pushes you in all regards towards your best.

Expect to be successful. Expect to grow. Expect to receive abundance in life. Expect to meet great people. Expect to achieve great goals. Expect to leverage on everything you have. Expect to create value for as many people as you can. Expect to be rewarded well for your contribution. Expect a wonderful life for yourself. When you constantly expect good things to happen and take actions to move towards them, you will usually be pleasantly surprised.


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