6 Great News For The New Year

Its the time of the year again! Countdown parties thrown all over the world with millions or even billions of people biding the past year good bye and ushering the brand new year ahead.

Whilst we celebrate and welcome the arrival of a new year, it is also heartening to know that with each year brings great news for us too. Reasons for us to cheer. Reasons for us to look forward. Reasons for us to keep that fire burning within going.

New Beginnings

The new year ensues. New people to meet, new opportunities, new endeavours, new challenges, new rewards, new experiences, new perspectives. Take an optimistic view and you will see this as a dawn of another great year. A chance for your path to lead to somewhere better. With every new beginning comes new hope of something great.

Restart Button

With the closure of a year comes the conclusion of projects, deadlines, tasks, tests, agendas and many endeavours. Be it at the workplace, at home or within your social circle, many of the commitments of the year will be wrapping up, or at least settling down in preparation for a next phase. It represents a good pit-stop or rest point for you. Before long, you will be on to the new year, hitting the restart button and having another chance to give your best. Cheers to the new lease of life!

Change of Seasons

There will be seasonal changes in all parts of life. Busy to lull, ups and downs, hot to cold, fair to tumultuous. The coming of a new year itself is season in transition. Change will arrive, subtle or drastic. The string of relief, challenge or hope will be something to embrace as you journey along your life. Its the myriad of experiences that make our life unique, special and memorable.

Wealth of Experience

Getting through an entire year deserves a pat on your back. You are now a different person from a year ago. You have grown, you have matured, you have gathered a year of life experience under your belt. When met with life in the new year, you will be better equipped to write an awesome new chapter. Cherish what you have learnt about yourself, about others, about the world around you. Move on to the next updated and better version of you.

Rejuvenated Self

A Chinese saying goes, “Resting is preparation for the long journey ahead”. Indeed, the end of a year is a good time to conclude, take a pause or just unwind. A vacation, a break from work, a change of pace or simply doing what you enjoy can do the trick. Rest, re-energize, rejuvenate, refresh. You will return with a breath of freshness and take on the new year with gusto.

Taking Stock

It is a good time to review, reflect and refocus at the end of a year before stepping into a new year. It is invaluable for you as you take stock of the goings of your past year and find directions for your path ahead of you. Review what went well and what went not so well. Reflect on why it went that way and what was your success formula. Refocus your efforts, energy and emphasis to leverage on your best and make up for your weakness. The new year will be your second shot at being awesome!


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