5 Ways to Set Compelling Time Saving Goals



Keep your goals specific. Limit your word count of the entire goal to 10 words. If you cannot do so, chances are you have a chunky task that can be further subdivided into a few goals. Being specific also forces you to rethink and reallocate your resources and time. That is a big time saver!


Ensure that your goals are measurable. Inject clear milestones that you can use to check how you fared in working towards your goal. What is the use of setting a goal if you cannot measure whether you have achieved it or gauge how well you have done? Being measurable is what sets goals apart from mere conversations. Being actionable is key to accomplishment!


Healthy goals must be attainable. The benefits of an attainable goal include the encouragement and morale boost you enjoy when you reach the goal. A good balance will be to set the goal that stretches you to work hard but is not entirely asking for the unreasonable.


A good habit to cultivate is to always ask yourself the motive of your goal. Any goal should only serve 1 underlying purpose. The more scattered and wide your scope, the more dilute your efforts will be when you start executing the goal. Keep checking with your original intention of setting the goal and refine it so that it (and your effort) serves the purpose well.


Remember those new year resolutions that people set at the beginning of each year? For a large majority, the new year is just about the only time they will see or think about the goal again. Why do so many goals get forgotten, sidelined or procrastinated upon? A big culprit is the person setting the goal, who has not set any deadline to the goal. Without being tied to a timeline, a goal can be dragged on for the longest time without much being accomplished. So set your anchors right, fix a time frame and deadline for each goal you set.


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