5 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy Right Now


Looking at a smiling person and a frowning person, who would you rather be? The answer is obvious but there are people who have many excuses why they are not the smiling person. Truely, living in our modern world brings new challenges and situations to our lives. Without an effort to keep a right mindset, staying happy can become sidestepped in the whirlwind of everyday issues.

Studies show that it is really worth some effort to stay happy because there are loads of tangible and intangible benefits that comes along with being happy. Here are just a few reasons why you should be happy right now.

Self Esteem

Being happy gives you a sense of overall well-being. You feel good about yourself when you are happy. When you feel good, there is a stronger motivation in you to overcome negative thoughts or stay resilient when you meet challenges.

When you feel happy, you tend to feel good about the things and people around you. That helps you to see more of the good things you have in your life. It makes you realise how fortunate you are in many areas. It encourages you to feel more satisfied of your life so that your self image improves.

All your positive attitudes and qualities tend to shine more when you are happy. These help you to be your best self at studies, work, relationships or anything you do. Your confidence goes up when you are happy.

Your overall self worth and self esteem stays at healthy levels more frequently when you are happy.


A happy individual has a higher probability of better overall health compared to someone who does not feel happy, according to Harvard Medical School. This is perhaps one of the best preventive therapies for fighting against diseases. First of all, being happy is free! You don’t need to pay money to get started at all. All it takes is making a choice to have the “be happy” mindset and being committed to it. Secondly, being happy is actually enjoyable! Compared to swallowing multivitamin pills or medicine, being happy is less of a hassle but more of a blessing. Thirdly, being happy is right for all ages and background! Unlike expensive Cryotherapy or exorbitantly priced Ginseng roots, both rather exclusive, being happy is suitable for all ages or financial status.

Being happy is also proven to have a positive impact on lifespan. Happier individuals are more likely to live a longer life, according to Harvard School of Public Health. Wow!


If given a chance, would you rather make a new friend who is grouchy, negative and sad or would you pick a friend who is pleasant, positive and happy?

People tend to mirror the expressions, gestures, body language and mode of interaction of whoever they are interacting with. When a person interacts with a high energy individual, the person tend to mirror the same high energy that is exhibited. Similarly, when a person interacts with a low energy individual, the person tend to mirror the same low energy that is exhibited. The same mirroring effect happens for emotions and mood. When a person is happy and positive when interacting with others, there is a higher probability of the peers who are interacting with this person to exhibit the same happy and positive emotions.

By maintaining a happy state of mind and emotion, a person also receives a happier feedback from mirroring of the peers. This is beneficial for rapport building and forming harmonious relationships. It is easier to establish new friendship or relationship with others. It is easier to strengthen bonds in relationships too.


When one is happy, it is sometimes said that one becomes “in the flow”. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person begins to work more conducively. A happier individual channels a greater percentage of his or her mental capacity, energy and focus into the task at hand. This is a precious force multiplier for anyone with a task at hand. This translates to a higher performance output, lesser chance of making mistakes, faster and smoother work experience.


On a larger scale and more altruistic note, being happy helps our world become a better place to live in.

When one is happy, there is a higher likelihood of exuding positive energy, good mojo and constructive actions outwardly. A smile at a stranger. A relaxed stance with others. A word of encouragement for someone in need. A helping hand for others. These are just some of the precious packets of positive tokens that a happy person can share with the world around.

Everyone loves to experience happiness. Everyone prefers to see the smiles on the faces of those around them. These tokens can grow on others who benefited from them and, in turn pass it on to those around them. Like a domino effect, the positivity and constructive actions radiate and emanate outwards, impacting the world in a good way.


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