5 Big Reasons Why You Can Be Financially Free



Financial Education

One of the greatest perks of living in our current times is that we have a vastly larger access to financial education than our previous generations.

There are unlimited numbers of books, Ebooks, periodicals, digital content, audio, video and many more others relating to the topic of financial education. All these are either available at your nearest bookstore, mall or even online. There are paid forms of financial education materials. There are also increasingly amounts of financial education materials shared and published online for free. Apart from professional or authoritative sources, there are also bloggers, interest groups and mastermind groups that offer such financial education to people.

The slew of available resources makes it easier for us to educate ourselves. It also levels the playing field for everyone to get access to life-changing financial education, just like how the rich did in the past from their inner circle.

The right education is the cornerstone to forge our financial destiny. Armed with such information, everyone has a better shot at achieving financial freedom in their lifetime.

Investment Choices

Long time ago, the common folks had little means to invest. It is common for people to keep their money to themselves. Some kept it in the form of gold to retain its international value. Others left it in the bank when interest rates used to be slightly more attractive than now.

Times have changed since those days of simple choices. These days, the number of investment vehicles that are springing out is staggering.

From the low capital outlay to the high capital outlay assets.

From the short term to the mid term to the long term assets.

From the liquid to the illiquid assets.

From one sector to another sector.

From one asset class to another asset class.

From the self managed to the professionally managed.

From the capital gains to the cashflow generating assets.

From speculative to technical to fundamental analysis.

The list goes on and on. If you can take a peek into the profile of investors in each category, you might jolly well find individuals who became financially free being directly or indirectly involved in the investment.

Whilst you need not learn all of them, you definitely need to get into at least one of them if you want to move towards financial freedom.


In the past, investment used to be a foreign and enigmatic term that common folks can only read about on the newspapers or see on the television programmes. Distant, unknown and detached.

In those old days where making sense out of investment numbers involve manual calculations and churning figures and charts using print-outs, few people are able to easily analyze their choices.

Thanks to the advent of the internet and urbanization, more and more cities have better access to more aspects of investment, making the term closer to our lives and more attainable. Financial institutions and investment service providers have seen a worldwide rise in numbers.

With the rise comes a larger variety of investment choices and the accompanying availability of reference materials, brochures, guidebooks, online charting software, online platforms, analysis softwares and even smartphone apps that allow users to do analysis of investments at the click of a button(s). There are also more companies or websites providing commentaries, analysis, forums, market data feeds and more to help investors obtain more information about the market.

All the buffet of tools available, some free and some charged, means that you and i are now more empowered than before to make better investment decisions.


When you are learning to pick up a skill, such as investing, it is wise to have a mentor to provide you with the guidance. A mentor serves to educate you quickly on the essentials of the skill. A mentor provides tips and tricks, as well as alert you to avoid common pitfalls. Through a mentor, you gain additional knowledge from his or her past experiences. A good leverage to shorten your learning curve and propel you higher.

There are, in modern days, more financial education companies than before.

It is easier to find a good mentor now to aid you in your investment attempts than it was before. Much publicity has flooded the consumer market that allowed retail investors to have a bigger range of choices when it comes to finding a mentor. For a start, you may start paying attention to offline or online advertisements for such opportunities. Once something credible and good comes along, sign up and start attending seminars, investment exhibitions, fairs or even webinars (online seminars) to establish contacts with investment gurus or mentors.

Top financial education and investment gurus are increasingly accessible online too. Some of the traditionally popular figures like Robert Kiyosaki and T Harv Eker have already established their online presence, with a range of resources or coaching services that they provide being made available online.


Globalization has led to increasing inter-connectedness of markets today.

Technology, internet and transport have seen advances in leaps and bounds. With these 3 leverages, trade and industry is increasingly porous and international in nature. Business and money flows from one sector to another, from one country to another, without borders. This creates much more options for investors today.

You can benefit from positive trends across the globe and can partake in investments that are on various continents. It is amazing because you are now not limited by your geographic location or background.

It is positive news for hedging as well. When one particular market or sector is undergoing a downturn, you can move to safety by shifting out of the investment and reallocating it to one in another region or sector that is unscathed.


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