5 Reasons Why Happiness Is The Most Neglected (Yet Most Important) Commodity in Modern World

Living in modern times has never been more exciting. It is amazing how times evolve so fast with each decade. However, some things, like our need for happiness, remain as important to us as ever.

With change comes new challenges. Among these challenges are 5 reasons why happiness is becoming the most neglected commodity in our era.

  1. Crazy Pace of Life
    If you live and earn a living in a city in this life time, chances are you will agree that the pace of life is not getting any slower. For many cities around the world, the dwellers would probably agree that the pace of life is faster than what they hoped for. With the stresses of making ends meet while living one’s dream, it is not hard to fathom the hectic routine of living a city life. Happiness takes a back seat with all the other things grabbing our attention first. While we swim and wiggle through the challenges of a city life, how many of us can say confidently that we place happiness first place on my priority list? This is precisely why modern city inhabitants like you and i need to keep the flame of happiness burning.
  2. Too Much Negative News Arriving Too Fast
    Gone were the days where news come in drips in the form of newspapers or radio broadcasts. News these days arrive in torrents with the help of the extensive reach of media and the internet. With that comes the magnified reception of good news and bad news. The bad news part of it creates an impression or a surrounding of negativity. This is unhealthy for the happiness of people. This makes it more precious to cherish the happiness that we can have to stay sane among the negative news surrounding the world today.
  3. Tech Gadgets Encourage Distant Interactions
    Its the age of convenience, connectedness and computers. Step into a city and you see most individuals carrying some form of tech gadget, from smart phones to tablets to netbooks. Faces of intense concentration or zombie-fied stare are aplenty for those glued to their devices. Its becoming ever more tempting to check our devices instead of stopping to enjoy the scenery or make small talk. If we allow gadgets to take away too much of our attention, it does actually deprive us of the mood-lifting effects of connecting with friends on a personal level. So let us remember that tech gadgets are but tools for our convenience, not masters of our lives. Take a break from them and reclaim our much needed smile.
  4. Social Media Promotes Unrealistic Perfectionism
    It is easy to “feel good” when you post the next photograph or video or status update about your “exciting” or “wish-you-were-here” moment. This is the culture today, as encouraged by the ego-boosting function of social media, which is slowly putting people on the path to much higher sets of expectations of their lives. This has implications for the future in terms of promoting an unrealistic need for perfectionism. Ask yourself if seeing so many social feed updates has shaped your perception of what is hip, good, glorious, healthy, desirable or correct right now? Ask if you can identify a friend who is obsessed with getting the best photograph for their update or milking the most “likes” for their posts? Sounds familiar, eh? Getting updates of friends is cool. Getting badly affected from the incessant need to be perfect or maintain an impeccable social image is not. This does eats into our happiness as social media gets in our heads and hearts really stealthily with us forgetting that they are more for fun than for real. At the end of the day, social media are for reasons of connecting with people and not comparison, right?
  5. Earth is Sick But We Can Make It Better
    The Earth is at an unprecedented level of trouble. Pollution levels are off the roof. Global warming threatens to wreck havoc with the climate. Fossil fuels run the risk of being depleted. There is many real big reasons to be worrying for the Earth right now. With that being said, we must recognize that worrying does not help with anything. With all these going on, let us not beat ourselves any further. A little more laughter, a lighter mood and a more positive outlook would do us wonders. The Sun will rise again tomorrow. The problems will still be there until they get solved. You still need to get by every day, whether you are happy or sad. So why not choose to be happy while you get through all these?


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