Top 3 Excuses that You Should Stop Saying if You Want to be Happy


Everyone is likely to have an equal chance of encountering something good or bad in the course of their day. When something good happens, it is normal to feel happy. However, when something unpleasant or inconvenient happens, what would you do?

Among the range of responses to an unpleasant or inconvenient occurrence, one is particularly bad if you want to be happy. That is to give excuses.

Sounds familiar? Have you done that yourself too?

The top 3 excuses that made it to this blacklist are as follows:

“Life is unfair.”

While it is prudent to recognize the larger impact of life in general on our destiny, we should not be overly scared or immobilized by it. Step out of the hermit shell and start appreciating the other possibilities of doing justice to your happiness.

“It’s too tough.”

Anyone who says this is waving the white flag of surrender to circumstance. The last we checked, even a rooted living thing like a plant makes growth attempts to circumvent any obstacles that stand in their way from sunlight. By saying this excuse it is dis-empowering and self-paralyzing. Surely you can do better than that if you try again.

“I don’t care.”

By saying this, you are shutting your efforts and attention away. Anyone who makes this excuse is making a decision to give up his or her right to be happy. Not a wise move. Start caring for your happiness because if you don’t, no one else would.


Giving excuses may seem harmless and nothing out of the ordinary but it really is a phantom menace to happiness. By giving excuses, you are giving up your own right to control your happiness. By giving excuses, you are disregarding and ignoring your own ability to stay happy. By giving excuses, you fail to see other possibilities or opportunities for you to be happy.

Start cutting your excuses and spend more time working on being happy.


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