5 Effective Ways to Start Setting Your Emotions Free


Known for its wide-reaching benefits, meditation is a good way to free your mind and body. The practice of deep, regulated breathing techniques and introspective thought is particularly useful in helping to free your emotional self. Many great leaders in different fields are known to seek emotional freedom and clarity through meditation too.


Being able to exert and use your physical body does help in regulating your health. Exercise is an opportunity for you to de-clutter your mind as you focus your energy on your body. The subsequent release of hormones during exercise also promotes a feeling of contentedness and calm. Hence, regular exercise helps you destress and stay emotionally healthy.

Tech Fasting

Technology is a double-edged sword. It helps make things more convenient, faster and more connected. However, it also means work, stress, distractions can find you more conveniently, faster and you constantly become connected to them. Learn to have periods of “Tech Fasting” where you totally switch off, disconnect or simply do not look at your technology gadgets, smart phones or any form of social media etc. With less of such things jostling for your attention, you can really slow the pace down and free your emotions.

Be Positive

Adopt a positive approach to your life. Learn to see the optimistic side of things. Learn to always find value and lessons in experiences in life. It helps because that makes your day less stressful and reduces your amount of stress hormones. Other indirect benefits include better health, such as promoting the production of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and lowering the risk of artery inflammations. Pretty awesome for a change in perspective, don’t you think so?


When was the last time that you gave yourself a break?

A vacation? A pampering spa treatment? A guilty pleasure? A prized purchase? A chill-out session? Anything that you love to indulge in… Pamper yourself from time to time.

Cars need a refuel. Your emotional self needs a recharge too. Make enjoyment a regular motivation for you. Have a break, have a life!


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