4 Simple Ways to Lead a Happier Life

A Little Less Hurry

Constant rushing, hurried actions and fearing for time is unhealthy to you. One of the biggest ill effects is the increased levels of stress hormones that your body will secrete when you are stressed, anxious or nervous. These hormones are associated with the body’s natural response to help you cope with such stressful situations. The hormones are adrenaline, norepinephrine and most significantly, cortisol.

Cortisol has the effect of regulating or suppressing non-crucial body functions like immunity, digestion, growth and reproductive drive, all in the name of channeling your body’s resources to deal with the stressful situation. However, if you are constantly stressed, anxious or in a rush in your life, your body will be exposed to heightened levels of cortisol for prolonged periods of time. This actually can impede your immune system, raise your blood pressure and sugar, dramatically reduce sexual desire, cause skin issues like acnes, lead to higher chances of gaining weight and other negative effects. A mouthful of unpleasant things to take on just to save some moments of time, don’t you think so?

So next time when you feel that you are taking life too quick for comfort, remember to slow down and take a breather.

A Little Less Worry

Will worrying remove your troubles? Will worrying decimate your obstacles? Will worrying make any situation better?

Most likely your answer is no for all 3 questions. Then … why worry?

Worrying generates unnecessary stress. Worrying wastes your energy and time on unproductive thinking, feelings, actions and manifestations. Worrying wears you down. Worrying is bad. Quit worrying. Be more mindful when you fall into the trap of worrying. Freeze the moment and stop worrying. You can then spend time and energy to solve real problems and get productive results.

A Little More Laughter

It is no secret that laughter is the best medicine. In fact, a better way to put it is to say that laughter is the best vaccine! A vaccine against the down spirits, the negative moods and the feeling of helplessness. The louder / more uninhibited you laugh, the more pronounced the effect can be. The more often you laugh, the easier it gets for you to find your happy self. Being able to laugh in public also needs a level of self acceptance and confidence. Acceptance of being who you really are and expressing it to others. Confident of showing your true self to others. So practising regular hearty laughter helps you to get over the obstacle of fear and builds your self esteem too.

A Little More Kindness

As the saying goes, giving is receiving. The joys of blessing others with kindness can go a long way to make you feel good. Be it spending time with others, giving effort to help them, supplying basic necessities, creating the basic conditions / infrastructure or providing monetary aid, your acts of kindness is your source of radiating positive energy to the world around you. What returns are the echoes of satisfaction, sense of fulfilment and acceptance. All these satisfaction, fulfilment and acceptance are contributing factors that help you find calmness, happiness and anchor within your heart and mind.


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