3 Well Kept Secrets to Stay Emotionally Free

3 Well Kept Secrets to Stay Emotionally Free

Prepare and stop worrying

Emotional baggages accumulate when you load your heart and mind with too many worries. As the weight of baggage increase, one can most certainly feel emotionally trapped and that is not a good feeling to keep for the long term.

Ask yourself, is worrying going to help?

It can be an issue, a person, a task, a problem or any situation that might bug you and keep tugging at your mind or heart. It can cause you to worry. It can also cause you a lot of emotional drain.

Recognize that you cannot accumulate emotional baggages indefinitely. Like a rubber band that might snap when stretched indefinitely. Your emotional well-being might also snap when you load it with more and more things to worry about.

Accept that such things that worry you will be there, whether you choose to worry or not. So, why worry? Why not choose to do something more positive and productive?

A better way than worrying would be to start preparing yourself.

Prepare yourself to meet the challenges ahead, prepare yourself to handle the situation, prepare yourself to overcome the difficulty, prepare yourself in any and every way possible. This way, you drop the worries and focus your time and energy on the solution, the important things and bring about a positive outcome.

Be contented and stop comparing

Some of the happiest persons on Earth are not the ones who have everything in their life. Some of the happiest persons are not the ones with the best things in their life. Surprising?

In fact, some of the happiest persons are not that much different, not that much privileged and definitely not that much special compared to the rest of us. A common trait that seem to pop up in many happy individuals is their ability to make the best out of what they already have. It is their ability to be contented.

Sounds simple? Happiness is simple. So don’t complicate life too much. Be contented with what you have and make the best out of it. Cherish and enjoy what you have fully. Anything more than what you already have is a bonus. Celebrate those things. Staying satisfied keeps you emotionally free.

Live freely and stop hiding

Ever observe a bird that is caged up and a bird that is free to fly in nature?

It is easy to see that the free bird is more at ease, more lively and chirpy than the caged bird. The same is true for us. If we live freely, we also exude more happiness, more energy and more positivity in life.

The main obstacle to living a free life is hiding ourselves. For whichever reasons, ranging from fear to embarrassment, from lack of confidence to external pressure, one may decide to hide from one’s true self.

Hiding our heart and hiding our mind prevents us from living a free life. By hiding, it means being unable to express our words, feelings, thoughts and true personality freely. This stops the natural flow in your ways and life, disrupting your emotional freedom.

So start being true to yourself and open up more. Take small steps if you need to build confidence. Start making the switch to be your natural ways and you will feel that it is not that difficult after all. Live freely and allow your thoughts, feelings, actions, words and personality to shine through. When these flow well, your emotional state can then become free.


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