3 Tips On How To Properly Enjoy Your Day Off

All year round you have been busy working hard at your job.

All year round you have been trying to earn a living and pay the bills.

All year round you have been stressed, exhausted, stretching your limits and having little time for the things that matter in life.

Finally comes the time when you can apply for leave or go for your vacation. Its the moment you have been waiting for so long. The coveted holidays. You deserve to enjoy every moment of your break and unwind yourself.

However, living in a modern and connected world, there might sometimes be nagging obstacles that prevent you from genuinely relaxing, completely. If that sounds like a familiar situation for you, then you need to commit some effort to steer clear of the distraction from all things related to work or daily hassle. This is an important aspect of a holiday to pay attention to.

So where do we start? There are 3 simple tips to use if you want to enjoy your break more.

Let Go

Inhibitions. Let go of things that are holding you back from enjoying the holiday, such as the self-cautiousness or self-image that you so very often have at work, if any.

Worry. Let go of worries of anything that might go awry in your absence from the workplace. You have done your best at work. Now leave it to the colleagues to handle the rest.

Attachments. Let go of attachments to your home comfort or your kids or smartphones or social media. For once. You have planned and / or paid for the holiday so enjoy it fully.

Deadlines. Let go of those deadlines. They will not run away. Think positive. Your holiday will recharge you to come back in better shape and efficiency to tackle deadlines.

Be Yourself

Do what you like. Do it when you like it. Do it with who you want to. Finally an opportunity to be yourself, your true personality. No pressures from others, no pressures to set an example, no pressure to be working. Freedom of choice and living freely unleashes your happiness.

Immerse in the Moment

Savour the experience. Take your time to indulge and immerse in the holiday. There is no rush or pressure. Just go with your flow.

Enjoy with all 5 senses. At your holiday, immerse and indulge fully. An experience that is encountered with all 5 senses is more memorable and vivid. Take in all the wonderful sights of your vacation. Smell the scent of nature, aroma of food and drinks, fragrance of your lodging. Taste all the unique and wonderful cuisine. Feel the comforts of your bed, temperature, breeze, sun, snow/rain etc. Listen to the interesting sounds around you and take note of those that you normally miss.

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