3 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Leave Yourself With No Choice

If you want to be compelled to take intensive actions, it is good to leave yourself with no choice but to do it.

What if your life depends on you completing your task at hand? What if everyone is on your heels chasing you? What if you have no choice but to complete your work?

One effective push factor is to tell the whole world what you have to do. Tell your family, tell your neighbours, tell your coworkers, tell your friends. If your task is so important, it is worth telling. Make sure those around you know the big project you are on now so that some of them will ask you about it when they meet you. Create the compelling pressure from your peers where everyone knows you are on to something and if you fail to do it, everyone will be asking you why.

Cut Down Time Wasters

Some trivial activities may seen harmless and you might just decide to indulge in them from time to time during your work hours. Small talk with colleagues, surfing the internet, grabbing a snack from the pantry, watching online videos, playing games on your gadgets, clearing emails, checking your mobile phone messages … the list goes on. Add them up and you could easily waste a quarter of your active hours doing nothing productive.

Be sure to keep those time wasters at bay. It is vital to reflect and record the time wasters that plague your life. Being aware gets you started.

The next step would be to grab these time wasters by the collar and shut them down. You could do it by setting short milestones to clear before you “earn” that “right” to indulge for a fixed short period of time. You could also do your work at a place, time and condition optimal for keeping you on high alert and effective. Working more amongst productive individuals can also rub off some positive peer pressure on you to perform at a higher level.

Find your groove and stick to it!

Focus Your Effort

Chunking is a good way to get loads of productive work accomplished in a short time. Pick periods of time when you are the most alert, effective, focused and motivated to accomplish tough challenges.

The trick to chunking is to push yourself to go the extra mile when you are at your optimum level. Relax and finish simpler tasks when you are lethargic or unproductive. Your mental, physical and emotional capacities fluctuate in cycles and you can achieve a lot more if you catch the peak of the cycle to perform your tasks.


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