107 Awesome Bucket List Ideas


Strive to lead an active lifestyle with weekly exercise

Have a balanced diet with the right nutrition and proportion

Laugh a healthy dosage each day

Smile because you can

Aim to sleep at least an optimal 7 hours a day

Go for annual health check ups

Try to keep a clean bill of health for your check ups, or at least improve each year

Spend at least ten minutes a day for quiet meditation


Have a new variety of breakfast / lunch / dinner

Eat out at a new restaurant / stall / eatery

Try a new cuisine from a different culture


Visit a country in Eastern Europe

Visit a country in Western Europe

Visit a country in North America

Visit a country in South America

Visit a country in Oceania region (Australia or New ZeaLand)

Visit a country in East Asia

Visit a country in West Asia

Visit a country in South East Asia

Visit a country in Africa

Experience a farm stay

Go for a camping trip

Try a stint of travelling via a trailer truck

Live in a traditional Japanese Ryokan

Visit Iceland to watch the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Enjoy shopping at the Thailand Chatuchak weekend market

Tour the iconic castles in the United Kingdom

Join in the New Year countdown at New York city

Take a jeep ride through an African safari

Visit Brazil to view the statue of Christ the Redeemer

Take a walk along the Great Wall of China

Watch a performance at the Sydney Opera House

Be a live spectator of an international sporting event  (e.g. Olympics, World Cup)



Volunteer at a non-profit or charitable organization

Laugh out loudly and truthfully when you feel like it





Pick up a new language

Learn a new sport

Learn an art or craft

Learn a new skill (e.g. driving, baking, computer programming etc)


Show genuine appreciation to your close ones and their actions

Hug your partner / close ones

Kiss your partner / Go on a date

Make passionate love / Give a romantic gift to your date

Arrange a surprise for your partner / date

Say ‘I Love You’ to whoever matters to you

Tell your close ones that you cherish them and why

Break Through

Overcome a long time fear

Be conscious of procrastination moments

Take control and stop procrastinating

Step out of one of your comfort zones

Forgive someone

Let go of small things that do not matter in life

Let go of prejudices or biases

Learn from negative experiences

Let go of negative memories


Give generously your time, energy, money, resources when the opportunity arises for help

Patronize social enterprises that employ people with disabilities

Have a regular donation arrangement with a charitable organization of your choice

Donate blood

Sign an organ donation agreement to donate your healthy organs for the needy after your death

Participate in volunteer work

Render your expertise for a cause

Engage in sports events that support a charitable cause

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