107 Actions That Unleash Your Time Freedom

107 Actions That Unleash Your Time Freedom


1. Train your children to get used to a timetable of events so that they have dedicated playtime with you / outdoor time / bathing time / feeding time etc and you can better control / estimate your available “me time”

2. Consolidate food preparations for a few days if possible such as cutting / washing / marinating etc

3. Keep excess food (where appropriate) for reheating and consumption as meals for the next day

4. Prepare breakfast the evening before (where appropriate) so that your morning can be swifter

5. Prepare your attire for your next day the evening before so you do not spend excessive time deciding what to wear

6. Similarly, prepare your children’s attire and breakfast the day before

7. When dealing with cookin of frozen food, try using the “Thaw” function of a microwave oven to speed up the waiting time

8. Pre-make a few rounds of ice cubes and store them in a box in the freezer for use when required

9. Cut down time spent running to the trash bin by placing a small container near your food preparation area for trash

10. Cut down washing time by lining serving bowls (that contain dry food like fries / cookies etc) with kitchen napkins / plastic bags / baking paper

11. Pre-sort your laundry by having dedicated laundry baskets for different types of clothes (delicate / woolen / general / lingerie etc)

12. Have a dedicated weekly time for chores so that you can estimate your time usage

13. Do your heavy chores (that gets you dirty) when you are back from outdoors / sports / dirty anyway

14. Have a housework rotation schedule with family members

15. Plan your errand trips on the same day and sequence them by proximity

16. If you find chores daunting, split them into different days to cover each segment of chores

17. Make use of the wait time during housework (such as washing / drying / baking) to complete other tasks

18. If you are a parent, engage your child in helping out with age-appropriate household chores

19. If financially possible, hire a per-hour housekeeper if you cannot manage house chores with your schedule

20. Try to consolidate your grocery shopping to minimise the trips

21. Have a “working list” of shopping items where you constantly add to when you think of what to buy

22. Bring your shopping list when you go grocery shopping

23. If financially possible, you can tip your younger family members / neighbour / hire someone to do your grocery shopping for you


24. Start each day with a list of key tasks to complete

25. Visualize how much time you will spend on each key task in the day before starting work

26. Commit to complete your daily list first before going on to other new tasks

27. Have a simple and fast way to prioritize your tasks

28. Know the difference between an important task and an urgent task …

29. … the former has to be done and the latter has a tight deadline

30. Have a system of responding to new errands to protect your time for your key tasks

31. Assure yourself that it is alright to delay / ignore response to unimportant or trivial matters

32. Identify the time wasting activities that are not productive for your work

33. Steer clear from these time wasting activities unless absolutely necessary

34. Identify colleagues who may be “time hoggers” for you

35. Have a respectful way of excusing yourself from “time hoggers” when you have tasks at hand

36. If you lead or manage a team, ensure that you know their profiles well

37. If you lead or manage a team, ensure that you tap into their strengths

38. If you lead or manage a team, learn how to delegate effectively

39. If you lead or manage a team, learn how to delegate in a timely fashion

40. If you lead or manage a team, you can tag a stronger staff to train up a weaker staff to level up the team

41. If you lead or manage a team, take actions to help your team members grow and develop their potential

42. Remember that when your team improves, your overall time efficiency improves

43. Avoid excessive time spent on small talks

44. Avoid excessive time spent on tea breaks

45. Avoid excessive time spent at the pantry

46. Avoid excessive time spent at smoke breaks (for people who do)

47. Avoid spending excessive time doing trivial things (surfing / social media / grooming etc)

48. Avoid spending excessive time in the office just to appear “busy”

49. Focus your efforts and time on productive work, aim to leave office on time

50. Always try to find a more efficient way to go about your craft / jobscope / profession

51. Always try to repeat the best practices that does the job well and fast

School 26

52. Pay attention during class so that you absorb as much as you can

53. Practise active learning in class, be involved and present

54. Write key notes when attending class / learning / revising

55. Use stationery to aid learning, such as highlighter / post-its / different coloured pens

56. Use tools to aid learning, such as dictionary / calculator / computer / internet / reference materials

57. Have a diary for jotting to-do lists

58. Update your calendar on the diary for key events / tests / examinations / deadlines etc

59. Keep your school’s schedule / timetable in your diary for reference

60. Draft your own timetable of how you plan to spend your days in a week

61. If you participate in extra-curricular activities like clubs / societies / sports, you need to be disciplined to keep to a balanced schedule for school work and activity alike

62. Have a “work first play later” mentality

63. Make sure you have clocked in the necessary school work / study “mileage” before you go for leisure

64. Work hard and play hard

65. Set goals for yourself

66. Avoid procrastination, always start it today not tomorrow

67. Tell your good friends and family members about your goal

68. Tell them to remind you and hold you accountable for your goals

69. Accept that it is alright to reject unimportant / untimely / trivial requests for your time

70. Learn to say no to others

71. Ensure that you commit to your goals and see them through

72. Avoid spending excessive time hanging out with friends (more than time spent doing school work)

73. Avoid spending excessive time surfing the internet

74. Avoid spending excessive time on social media

75. Avoid spending excessive time gaming

76. Avoid spending excessive time lazing around


77. Wake up early

78. Retire to bed early

79. Have at least 6 hours of sleep (optimally 7 hours)

80. Start your day with a good breakfast

81. Start your day with some positive self-talk like “Today is going to be great!”

82. Drink a glass of water after you washed up in the morning

83. Stretch briefly before you begin your breakfast

84. On the radio / music player to a familiar enjoyable genre

85. Go for a morning exercise sometimes if you can

86. On the background music to something pleasant and upbeat to you

87. Have the room at a comfortable temperature for work / activity (by fan or air conditioner)

88. Have ample and good lighting in the room

89. Have a conducive work desk that encourages you to work

90. If you do not work / study at a desk, ensure your work site / location has essentials to keep you energized / motivated

91. Have a form of reminder of time (like a watch / smart phone / clock etc)

92. When you feel lethargic, go for an energy booster such as a break /stretch / wash your face etc

93. Have a balanced diet

94. Take probiotics for beneficial gut bacteria to promote health

95. Take prebiotics for nutrients for beneficial gut bacteria to promote health

96. Take power naps of 10 to 20 minutes

97. Shower daily

98. Shower with cold water to reduce fatigue

99. Shower with hot water to ease anxiety

100. Know your body signals well so as to work at your optimum output

101. Exercise regularly at least 3 times a week

102. Exercise at least 10 minutes each time

103. Exercises can range from simple (like walking) to moderate (like sports) to difficult (like competitive / endurance)

104. Wear a watch, it helps you be more conscious of time

105. Have a desktop timer for your laptop / computer to remind you of your time spent surfing or gaming

106. Download and use mobile apps that provide reminders / alarms / app locks to control your smart phone surfing / gaming habits

107. Have a routine for your everyday activities


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