107 Actions That Unleash Your Happiness



Be in the moment

1. Notice the beauty around you

2. Channel your energy to one task at a time

3. Smile freely

4. Smile often

5. Smile in the mirror and appreciate your smile

6. Greet others with a smile

7. Speak with a smile

8. Laugh at funny moments

9. Laugh when you do something silly

10. Always find joy in the things you do

11. Be around children

12. Thank (insert your choice e.g. the Universe, God) for being alive

13. Take time to admire your surroundings

14. Be grateful for everything you have

15. Live each day like your last

16. Go for your goals

17. Live your dreams

18. Let go of the past

19. Stop worrying about the future

20. Focus on the present


21. Express your feelings truthfully

22. Say positive words often

23. Say i love you to your loved ones

24. Say thank you to others when you appreciate them

25. Say hello and make new friends with neighbours, colleagues and people around

26. Say compliments to praise others

27. Say sorry to others when you are wrong

28. Help someone

29. Hug someone

30. Kiss your partner


31. Have enough rest

32. Exercise regularly

33. Do body stretches between periods of work

34. Take breaks when tired at work

35. Play a sport with friends

36. Go for nature walks

37. Take deep breaths in nature

38. Breath slowly, calmly and deeply when facing stress

39. Take cold showers to reduce fatigue

40. Take hot showers to ease anxiety


41. Listen to your favourite music

42. Listen to your familiar or comfort background sounds

43. Paint your room with a relaxing colour

44. Have accessories that are made of your favourite colour

45. Wear a perfume or cologne of your favourite scent

46. Use toiletries with a fragrance you love

47. Reward yourself with foods that your taste buds love

48. Wear clothing that have fabric textures you love

49. Choose a bedsheet with a comfortable texture you prefer

50. Choose seats or sofas with a surface you enjoy


51. Eat your meals regularly

52. Have a balanced diet

53. Have good meals but not overfull

54. Eat your favourite food

55. Drink a lot of water

56. Have a cold drink on a hot day

57. Eat a juicy fruit on a hot day

58. Have a hot drink on a cold day

59. Have a hot soup on a cold day

60. Clear your bowels


61. Start each day having a simple plan

62. Visualize before you embark on a new challenge

63. Keep finding ways to improve yourself

64. Reflect every day

65. Stretch yourself by striving higher

66. Work for a greater purpose than yourself

67. Cultivate hobbies and favourite pastimes

68. Learn to sing new songs

69. Learn a new language or dialect

70. Learn a new route to get to a familiar place

71. Learn to use a new technology gadget or platform

72. Play interactive group games

73. Plan your own vacation

74. Travel to a new country

75. Plan a gathering

76. Buy something to Do-It-Yourself

77. Read a novel

78. Read a comic

79. Read a magazine

80. Watch a documentary

Spirit & Emotion

81. Be around positive people

82. Participate in personal development activities

83. Participate in volunteer work

84. Find your support pillars in life

85. Have heart to heart talks with close ones

86. Open up to others when feeling down

87. Share your joys with others

88. Read motivational stories

89. Read inspirational stories

90. Watch comedies

91. Watch a musical

92. Watch a concert

93. Watch any live performance

94. Slow down

95. Write a letter to your future self

96. Keep in touch with old friends

97. Celebrate birthdays for others

98. Give presents to others

99. Cook and share food

100. Set aside time for family days

101. Attend celebratory ceremonies of loved ones

102. Congratulate others for job well done

103. Forgive yourself

104. Forgive others

105. Learn what you can and let go of painful experience

106. Find and be with like minded people

107. Be loving


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