107 Actions That Unleash Your Emotional Freedom

107 Actions That Unleash Your Emotional Freedom


1. Smile

2. Laugh

3. Relax

4. Appreciate

5. Accept

6. Be grateful

7. Thank others

8. Thank yourself

9. Forgive

10. Forget

11. Let go

12. Reflect

13. Improve

14. Take actions

15. Listen

16. Be open in mind

17. Be open in heart

18. Take feedback

19. Give feedback

20. Find lessons in each positive moment

21. Sustain the effort for positivity

22. Find lessons in each negative moment

23. Apply what you learnt in negative moments for future endeavours

24. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst

25. Find strength in the support of others

26. Share your sadness with others as it diminishes when you do

27. Share your happiness with others as it amplifies when you do

28. Talk to young people

29. Talk to old people

30. Speak your mind

31. Speak your heart

32. Choose to be loving, not just be right

33. Choose to love

34. Choose to receive love

35. Be humble

36. Be generous

37. Be wise

38. Be calm

39. Be contented

40. Be happy

41. Be gracious

42. Be kind to others

43. Be kind to yourself

44. Be adaptable

45. Compliment others

46. Help others

47. Offer random acts of kindness

48. Offer your time to loved ones

49. Offer time to those who need it

50. Offer your care

51. Have your own strong value system

52. Find stability in your value system

53. Acknowledge moral dilemmas

54. Resolve moral dilemmas using sound value system

55. Have moral courage to say and do the right things

56. Apologise when you cause inconvenience / displeasure / hurt

57. Avoid conflicts if you can

58. Mend ways after conflicts

59. Find solutions to problems

60. Give yourself a calm-down period in heated / negative moments

61. Find your passion

62. Find joy in life

63. Learn more about yourself

64. Learn to compromise

65. Learn to find help when you face difficulty

66. Be patient

67. Be giving

68. Practise moderation

69. Practise progression

70. Practise healthy lifestyle


71. Don’t compare

72. Don’t blame

73. Don’t hate

74. Don’t hold on to things you can’t control

75. Don’t shut off from help

76. Don’t take it alone

77. Don’t worry

78. Don’t procrastinate

79. Don’t bring negativity into your sleep

80. Don’t insult

81. Don’t live in regret

82. Don’t live in guilt

83. Don’t live in fear

84. Don’t live in anger

85. Don’t live in despair

86. Don’t live in denial

87. Don’t live in the past

88. Don’t live in the dark

89. Don’t live someone else’s life

90. Don’t live someone else’s dream

91. Don’t sweat the small things

92. Don’t spend too much time on negative emotions

93. Don’t brood over setbacks

94. Don’t forget who you are

95. Don’t forget your loved ones

96. Don’t forget your current state

97. Don’t forget your dreams

98. Don’t forget your goals

99. Don’t forget what makes you happy

100. Don’t remember what makes you unhappy

101. Don’t stop moving forward

102. Don’t give up

103. Don’t give in

104. Don’t hold on negative thoughts

105. Don’t let go of positive attitude

106. Don’t just live a life, have a life

107. Don’t just do things right, do the right things


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