107 Actions That Unleash Your Action Freedom

107 Actions That Unleash Your Action Freedom

1. Take action all the time

2. Plan, learn, act, adapt, repeat

3. Keep improving

4. Keep learning

5. Keep moving forward

6. Keep getting back up after each setback / failure / fall

7. Keep trying

8. Stop procrastinating

9. Do not dwell on the past

10. Learn from the past and get better

11. Do not worry about the future

12. Plan for the future and act now

13. Develop your ability to focus

14. Focus on the present

15. Focus on yourself

16 Focus on your ability

17 Focus on your available resources

18 Focus on making the best of what you know / have / do / are

19 Focus on adding value

20 Focus on the solution

21 Focus on being realistic yet positive

22 Focus on the moment

23 Focus on your task at hand

24 Focus on giving your best

25 Focus on being awesome

26 Believe in yourself

27 Believe in your team

28 Believe that what you sow will return many folds more from the universe

29 Build your confidence

30 Develop your character

31 Stay grounded with good values / principles

32 Hone your skills

33 Never compromise the quality of what you do

34 Never compromise your values

35 Never compromise integrity

36 Never take things for granted

37 Never give up

38 Do the right things

39 Treat people the right way

40 Work hard, hope for the best but prepare for the worst

41 If things go wrong, do your best to make things better

42 Take ownership of your life

43 Work yourself hard

44 Work yourself smart

45 Motivate yourself

46 Inspire others

47 Thank others when they deserve it

48 Reward yourself when you do well

49 Compliment others when they deserve it

50 Learn to prioritize your tasks

51 Learn to better manage your time

52 Do things that matter first

53 Act on things that are both important and urgent first

54 Act on things that are important but not urgent next

55 Act on things that are urgent and less important last

56 Eliminate urgent trivial things if you can

57 Live life with passion

58 Live life with no regrets

59 Live life with love

60 Live life with peace

61 Live life with joy

62 Aim to excel, not just pass

63 Don’t find excuses

64 Don’t complain

65 Don’t blame others

66 Don’t be complacent

67 Set goals

68 Follow through on your goals

69 Be consistent and conscientious in your effort

70 Seize every moment to do what you need to the best of your ability

71 Seek out good mentors

72 Seek out good partners

73 Build strong relationships for support

74 Assess the risks

75 Assess the rewards

76 Have fun with life

77 Have fun every now and then

78 Have fun learning from your life

79 Have fun learning from others

80 Have fun trying new challenges

81 Have fun doing what you love

82 Have fun doing your work

83 Have fun interacting

84 Have fun having fun

85 Decide the best course of action after weighing both sides

86 Emulate, adopt, adapt from people who have achieved what you are striving to attain

87 Find a reason greater than yourself to spur you on to greatness

88 Be open to step outside your comfort zone

89 Unfamiliarity and uncertainty encourages growth, step into it

90 Get your feet wet and dive right into action while you plan / learn

91 Take strategic short breaks / naps / time-off to recharge yourself in long hard work

92 Practice some form of self check / reflection / progress monitoring

93 Practice organizing using a diary / digital organizer / notepad / calendar / devices / smart phones

94 Praise yourself

95 Praise others more

96 Lift others up

97 Be comfortable with success

98 Be comfortable with striving for excellence

99 Make discipline your habit

100 Make perseverance your habit

101 Make a difference

102 Make others feel valued

103 Take initiative

104 Be proactive with your goals

105 Emulate successful people’s goals

106 Emulate successful people’s habits

107 Be the best version of you


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