10 Keys To Succeed in Life

If you want to have meaningful progress, achieve your dreams and excel in life, there are 10 key factors that you should consider.

Each one of these success factors are timeless and important for you to grasp in order to attain the best outcome for any person. If you follow them diligently, systematically and take actions, you will find yourself switching on to a faster gear as you progress in your life the way you desire.

1. Learning

One of the fundamental keys to success is learning.

This can come in many forms, depending on the requirement of your task or goal at hand. Academic education, vocational training, professional education, experiential learning and financial education are just some of them.

As the adage goes, “knowledge is power”. Those who possess the essential know-how and understand how to apply them in a timely manner tend to be rewarded. Someone who knows more of the critical facts, ideas and information than the average Joe will be able to grasp opportunities faster, accomplish more and be recognized more often. Hence, they are more valuable to those around and can reap the most benefit from their advantage. This is more likely to be translated to better contribution, higher prospects and ultimately brighter futures.

Success tends to be directly proportional to the level of relevant knowledge that you possess and how readily you can use that knowledge. If you want to increase your income or achieve your best life, you should dedicate priority to raise your intellectual competence and empower yourself to accomplish more.

2. Skill

The second factor that can help you to excel will be skill.

Your ability in a particular field will decide the quality and quantity of your output. The higher your skill level and the more relevant your skills are, the easier you can solve challenges and accomplish your goals.

As you increase your skill, through practice and learning from mentors, you continue to hone your adeptness and speed of completing tasks. With time, it brings you results at a more reliable rate.

3. Network

The third factor for success is to network strategically. Expand your social circle, build your network and open up streams of opportunities.

If you take notice, during every major change in your life, be it up or down, there is bound to be people that enter or leave your life. Such exchange of people usually sees person(s) who either opens or closes doors for you. That is when an exit door or a door to another opportunity shines before you. The possibility of your better life will be determined by the number of people who open or close doors on you. It depends on how many people you let into your life, how many people you drive away from your life and how many of the people who knows you / like you / are willing to help you.

To grow your network of contacts, you have to seize every opportunity to establish meaningful relations. There seems to be a direct relationship between the number of people you know and how successful you are. As the famous theory of “Six Degrees of Separation” suggests: Success / A person is just 6 persons or less away from another completely unknown person, by way of “a friend’s friend”.

4. Finances

People who have more in the bank account or assets under their name are more likely to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they come along. Conversely, poor or indebted people have to work harder on other aspects of life in order to be able to make good of any opportunities.

A wise man once said that you are only as free as your options. A man with many options available is more likely to enjoy freedom in his life. If you have no options, you have no freedom. If you have to keep a job that you do not like just so to make ends meet, chances are you have not much finances left for investing in your future and have no choice but to pass up on any bigger opportunities to forge forward. This is a vicious cycle since having no opportunities to move forward in life would mean that you can end up grinding for years and being stagnant in a situation that is not ideal.

5. Good Work Habits

The fifth key is cultivating good work habits. This is sometimes an unnoticeable but crucial factor that distinguish people who procrastinate and fail to accomplish anything from people who take continuous actions and succeed.

Once you have good work habits, you will find that you can accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time than another person who is disorganized, lazy or distracted.

People with such habits tend to act more purposefully, as opposed to acting on impulse. Developing good work habits forces you to think before acting. You have a list of key agenda and set priorities before even starting. Good work habits means that you carefully consider the consequences of your actions or inactions and weigh them.

6. Realistic Optimism

The sixth key to success will be to adopt a realistic optimism.

Optimism is like a pair of spectacles that allow you to see positive outcome in every situation. Realism is like the devil’s advocate that always assesses both pros and cons before giving you cautions advice on the likely outcome. Combine the two and you have a powerful one-two punch that can propel you in times of adversity.

Someone with realistic optimism can keep his or her self belief and be encouraged to push on when challenges lie ahead. Someone with realistic optimism can also take a step back and weigh the risk-to-reward ratio before making a sound decision whether it is viable to continue. This attitude helps you stay motivated and grounded on your sound principles as well.

Remember, you are what you do on regular basis. Take on a realistic and optimistic persona allows you to approach daily challenges with that same positivity, confidence, motivation that successful people all share.

7. Positive Image

The seventh factor that powers up your success and helps you achieve your best life is the creation of a positive image.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. However, more often than not, others do judge you by your appearance. Most first impressions are formed within seconds of seeing a person. Do not take it personally. It is just the basic instincts of human beings to have the inclination to look at the outward physical image of another human being for the purpose for risk or opportunity assessment. Taking time to prepare a positive outlook, such as an attractive image in your personality, your personal hygiene, your clothing, your grooming and your accessories can have a surprisingly crucial impact on the welcome you receive from others you meet. Among these people who welcome you, there just might be someone who is willing to help you with your future breakthrough in life.

8. Innovation

Innovation is defined as an action or a process of innovating, of forming a new idea, method or product.

With sufficient and relevant innovation in our life, doors to success tend to open more often. These help to speed up your timeline of achieving your goals. It is a lifelong habit and a mindset to always want to be creative so as to do things better, do things faster, do things easier or do things simpler. At times, all it takes is one good idea for your avalanche of good fortune to arrive.

9. Resourcefulness

The most successful people are not those who are born with everything. Neither are successful people gifted with the best of all worlds. Access to resources vary from person to person. Having all the resources does not guarantee success, although it gives you a head start.

True successful people are very resourceful, as opposed to having all resources. They make good with any resources they have, sometimes multiplying the usefulness of limited resources or finding ways to leverage on others for better effects. So, if you want to be successful, you definitely have to develop your resourcefulness and start learning how to maximize everything around you.

10. Character

Ask a hundred successful leaders in different fields what makes the biggest impact in their success and many of them will list character as one of their priority.

The truth is simple. The character of a person is like his or her arsenal of ammunition when dealing with life’s challenges. The stronger and more robust the character of a person, the higher chance that the person will have a meaningful goal, see through all challenges and prevail in setbacks to succeed.

Many of the life’s stepping stones to success come in the form that are not the most glamorous, pleasant nor easy. Only robust character and rock solid values can drive a person continuously to success, regardless of the number of times failure tries to sidetrack that person.

For instance, self-discipline and honesty are a powerful recipe for opening countless doors for yourself. Trust is the essential foundation of all relationships in your expanding network. With all these, people will know the true winner in you, believe in you and be convinced with your promises. Usually, good things happen when people feel that way towards a person, leading to the path of success.


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